Thursday, August 18, 2016

12 MONTH BOOK: august 2016 I ❤️ Holland

Make 10 inchies on a card 8 1/4 by 5 7/8 inch, or on a card 4 by 5 7/8 inch. Make a line for punching the 2 holes, to make the book together. The space is 3/4 inch. Embellish/decorate the front card with the name of the month and the theme and put the inchies on the back. Make sure that you leve the 3/4 inch space blanck. Because there you have to put the holes in when the hole book is ready.


JANUARY - Winter
FEBRUARY - Valentyne/love
MARCH - High Tea
APRIL - Flowers
MAY - Animals
JUNE - One stamp
JULY - Summer
AUGUST - I love Holland (or your own country) 

If your not into inchies, you can make twinchies, a mixed media piece, ATC's, a indexcard or a beautiful drawing or painting on the back! Just have fun and enjoy creating!


Wanda van Bogerijen