Sunday, October 2, 2016

Marble art october 2th 2016

Oh May what did we have fun! This really is a great way to play and have fun. Even if You're upset or angry this is a great way to releave some angre, but also stress will fly away! I even love the end result more than the gelli prints. Tomorrow I will do a flip through to show what we have made this evening!
BUT I won't let you wait that long to show you a few of the art pieces we did!

Would you also love to play and try marble art? Than this is What you need:

* Marbles
* printerpaper plain white and colored
* sticker sheets
* music paper
* book text
* heavy paints
* thin paints
* a table or wire to put all you marble art prints on to dry
* a cloth
* a plastic container to put your papers in and play with your marbles or a cardboard box

Let me know if you made some of you're own and what what you think about marble art after trying it for yourself! And ofcourse I would really love to see some pictures, just put a link to your pictures in the comments below the post!

Have a very very good day en enjoy creating because I will!


Wanda van Bogerijen