Saturday, October 29, 2016

SUNDAY CLASS 11~ Clay ~ october 30th 2016
(2 PM Central Daylight Time)

Click this link to my livestream: Live stream

What you need:

* soft clay
* clay molds
* clay knife
* teil
* acrylic paints
* brushes
* babywipes
* Inka gold (metallic waxpaint)
* Decou-page glitterglue/varnish


Do you have any questions while attending, please ask me in the chat. After that you can still ask me questions on my blog post or the YouTube video.

I hope you enjoyed my CLASS? If you did please leave me a lovely comment below this post and follow my blog, so you won't mis anything. And remember from now on every sunday live on 1 PM central daylight time SUNDAY CLASS from Wanda van Bogerijen.

Thank you all so much for attending.


Wanda van Bogerijen