Sunday, October 2, 2016


Perfect art palette is 8 questions about what I would use, like and love. Watch my video on YouTube and I would love to know what your answeres would be! Leave them in the comments below or comment on my YouTube video!

This hashtag is inspired by YT beauty guru's doing their perfect palette tag

1. What is your favorite must have mark making tool? 
2. Which thing can you not live without in your emergency/travel art bag? palette knife, brush, pencil or nothing 
3. What is your favorite palette for skin tone
4. What is your favorite, will grab if the house is on fire, art product or supply?
5. What one art supply, product or tool in your stash would you 
 to a friend?
6. What is your favorite budget friendly art supply?
7. If you could pick anything in the world to get for Christmas and add to your art stash what would it be?
8 If you could spend two hours with anyone, dead or alive, and make art with them who would that be?

Attending artist playlist:

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Anne’s Video:
Lisa’s Video:
April’s Video:
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Wanda's Video:
Jeri's Video:
Wendy's Video:

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I really hope you enjoyed watching my video! Have a very very nice day and enjoy creating, because I wil!


Wanda van Bogerijen