Sunday, September 25, 2016

SUNDAY CLASS 7 ~ Bead Angels ~ september 25th 2016
(1 PM Central Daylight Time)

Click this link to my livestream: live stream

Change of plans! I've been very busy with rearanging my livingroom and demolisching my old couch, that I just don't have the energie left to do the marble art. I would like to do something, so I decided to do a copple of bead angels instead. Hope you're all up for that!

What you need:

* beads (8-10-12mm)
* wire pins 50, 60 or 70mm 
* a diagonal cutting plier
* a needle nose plier
* a needle nose plier curved or flat nose plier
* bead caps diffrant sizes
* flower bead caps
* spacer bead wings 20mm wide
* jump split rings
* lobster claps hooks or keyring


Do you have any questions while attending, please ask me in the chat. After that you can still ask me questions on my blog post or the YouTube video.

I hope you enjoyed my CLASS? If you did please leave me a lovely comment below this post and follow my blog, so you won't mis anything. And remember from now on every sunday live on 1 PM central daylight time SUNDAY CLASS from Wanda van Bogerijen.

Thank you all so much for attending.


Wanda van Bogerijen